The CSI parties consists of a demonstration showing the children how to find and retrieve fingerprints using real police methods. The group is then split into two, and half will powder and lift fingerprints whilst the other half have their fingerprints taken. They then can look at enlarged fingerprint patterns to see which pattern group they are. They can take their fingerprints home with them.

Then there is a mock crime scene with a plastic life size skeleton, shoemarks and other clues. The children then try to work out who the 'victim' is, how they died and the motive for the crime

They will each be given a party bag, with crime scene goodies , and a real police crime scene suit.

It lasts approximately one hour 15 mins to one and half hours so fits nicely into a two hour party with tea, which is provided by the party host.

The cost is £160 for up to 12 children. The party can also be tailored to suit your requirements. 

We cover the Surrey,Kent and South London area.

Please do give me a call if you wish to make a booking or would like further information.


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